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Welcome to Noah's Arc, the Club of the 14th/20th King's Hussars

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Welcome to the Noah's ARC site. We hope that you enjoy your visit. Noah's ARC exists primarily to act as a focal point for the bringing together of everyone who has ever served in, or with, The 14th/20th King's Hussars, or has an interest in our Regiment.   You will find many pages that will, we hope, help to restore memories of your service.

Navigation of the site is by use of the navigation menu at the top of each page.

A brief description of each section is shown below.

How to Contact Noah's ARC

Email us

There are several ways to contact Noahs Arc:

  • For general Noah's ARC enquiries send an email to
  • To contact our researcher (Patrick O'Dwyer):
  • To contact other 14/20H colleagues visit our Memberlist
Noah's ARC Forum

The Noahs Arc Forum

The Forum is where you can leave a message that can be read by all visitors. Lost touch with someone? Want to make an announcement? Or just general chit chat the options are limitless.

A search facility exists so that you can find all occurrences containing a word or phrase. For instance if you enter the word 'Herford' every message that contains that word will be returned.

You will also find our Members List within the Forum.


The Noahs Arc Gallery

Click on 'Photos' (old) or 'Gallery' (new) (Click Links not yet available).
This is our photo album and it's where YOU can play a big part in the success of the site.

Enjoy looking at the photos and have fun trying to identify them.

If you have any photos you'd like to feature I can just about handle any image format although jpeg is preferred. Scan them in or get someone to scan them in for you and, if you can't do that, send them to me and I'll scan them in for you (e-mail me for my address).

They can be old, present, action, individuals, groups - anything

The photos can be a little slow to download at times but I have to judge maintaining clarity with obtaining the best compression ratio.


Research with Patrick O'Dwyer

Mr Patrick O'Dwyer Esq.

Bob Harrison heard from Patrick O'Dwyer a few years ago and he has frequently posted messages on to our previous 'naff' message board.

If you are interested in the Regiment's History and would like to contact Patrick, have a look at the 'research' page first.


About Noah's Arc Reunions

More than anything else this is the very reason for our existence! Our Reunions have grown from half-a-dozen, to 75, over 100 and, eventually up to 320+ in attendance figures.

We have held them in towns throughout Lancashire and are currently back in Blackpool. Once it was Saturday night only but now we enjoy the fun of a relaxed, fun Friday evening and many turn up on Thursday, going right through to Sunday or even Monday!

Regimental Band

Regimental Band

The Band of the 14th/20th King's Hussars

The site would not be complete without a section of our admirable band colleagues. Have a read, but even better, listen to some of the music that used to get your feet marching.


Noah's Arc Archive

Regimental Digital Archive

We get many visitors to the website who have memories of the 14th, 20th and 1420H. Many are from the sons, daughters and Grandchildren of those served in the past.

You can browse our Archive, or submit your own.

Noah's Arc, the Club of the 1420th King's Hussars,

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