Garden in lockdown.

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Bill Bentley
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Service details: 1970 - JLR RAC, 14/20KH, Para Sqn RAC, 14/20KH, Hereford, 14/20KH, 2 Para, DLOY - 1990.
Real name: Martin William Lester Bentley (Bill) (Basha !)
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Re: Garden in lockdown.

Post by Bill Bentley »

Cryptic crosswords, pop groups, I was a soldier then a farmer :? .
Never done a crossword and know less about music, but I can talk all day about rubbish :lol:.
Been a bit busy of late. Bloody Volvo had been playing up again, just before we head back down South. Got just a couple of days to get alternative wheels. Upset the missus, bought a minibus, wanted one from the start and she didn't.
If she keeps moaning I'll put my Royal Enfield in the bus and fit a seat for her on the trailer with the dogs :twisted:.

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Served Hohne and Rheindahlen 1959 - 1962
Libya 1962 Cyprus with C Sqn Dec 1963 - Feb 1964. Returned to Benghazi
then to Tripoli with B Sqn until Sep 1964. Left for Courses in NBC then to 7 Armoured Brigade till 1967.
Transferred to Intelligence Corps 67. First posting to Northern Ireland 67 - 70.
Singapore 70 - 71, Hong Kong 71 - 72. NI 72 - 74. NITAT (Northern Ireland Training and Advisory Team) 74 - 76. Berlin 76 - 79. Final Posting, Preston Int and Security Section. Stupidly Retired on 1 Feb 81, and emigrated to Australia.
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Re: Garden in lockdown.

Post by Arnie »

Bill, does Rahi see these posts of yours? If she does she must have a great sense of humour, to withstand the comment about the trailer seat. Brenda understands my horrible sense of humour. Sort of 'joke' I can never resist. When the cashier in any shop asks the question, "Do you want a bag for that?' My reply usually is, "No! I have one waiting at home for me". Of course, never when she is standing within earshot. Usual reply is something similar to Dick Emery, "Oooh, you are awful!!"
When are you departing for sunny Spain again? Whenever it is stay safe, drive carefully, in that minibus, and above all stay healthy. Best wishes for the journey.

Brenda and Arnie :D :D :D

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