Heading back...

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Bill Bentley
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Heading back...

Post by Bill Bentley »

As soon as we can we shall be heading back to Spain, cutting short our usual summer break from the Spanish Sun.

Here in Germany they have gone completely nuts ! Whilst traveling around to visit friends we have had to realise that driving in Germany is no longer any fun at all. Not only have the fuel prices overtaken even the French... which have for years been higher than here. But on most of the non-motorway roads the towns and villages now all have a 30kph (20mph) speed limit, at least from 22.00 - 06.00 hrs. Other signs with specific times and days of the week details also restrict drivers to 20mph. The problem is that you would have to park up to read and digest all of the fine details: (Mon-Fri from 7-10am and 15-19pm. Additionally Wednesdays from 8-16. Saturdays 06-19hrs. Sundays and Bank Holidays all day.)

Then there are the new speed cameras disguised as trailers and regularly moved just waiting to catch you out.
The result of this insanity is that long queues of traffic build up entering the towns and villages and the time spent passing through is at least 30% longer than it would have been at 30mph. Then there is the Red Light policy: lights actually turn RED when traffic is detected ... even when there is no sane reason for this STOP ! Altogether this adds up to spending about 50% longer than necessary to pass through a built up area. The drivers also have to select a lower gear, so the revs are higher, so the noise and exhaust pollution is far worse than before and of course the tail back of traffic is endless making the duration of this problem much, much longer in terms of hours per day; not to mention the extra fuel consumption AND COST :? :? !

To save gas the Green's are now turning off spotlights on public buildings in Berlin ?!? :?.
Ok, ok, electricity can be produced by Gas Turbines :|.
But, each bank of lights has to be turned off individually. To get this done quickly, half a dozen firms have been employed to drive around and pull all of the fuzes - this has to be done during the day - when the power is off - which causes even more traffic jams, during this peak, holiday, period. The cost of this action is estimated to be 40,000,- €, which it is reported to be about the same amount as when the lights would burn every night for a year. So it's a purely symbolic gesture :twisted:.

Also people are being told to "put a few thousand €uro's to one side" to cover their anticipated energy costs next winter. Medical insurance is going to be increased again, we are already being warned. I got a rise on my UK pension of about 16- € per month earlier this year and the German Medical Insurance has swallowed 14,40 € of it already.

This energy crisis is entirely 'home made' ! Had Germany opened the North Stream 2 Pipeline last year we would all have gas galore, then the other fuel prices would not have had to increase at all. Had Europe accepted that the Ukraine could 'remain a neutral state' and that NATO would not move its weapons ever nearer towards Russia, as it has repeatedly done for the past 30 years, the war in the Ukraine would never have started ! How it will end is anybody's guess, but there will be no winners of that I am sure !

Over in Spain we have been informed that we can, at long last, buy a plot of 'rough land' up on a mountain side. As soon as we can we shall move our caravan up there and start planting our own food again. Who needs this warped society ?

So, if you don't hear from me for a while, don't be surprised, I'll be digging a hole up on a mountain side.
Y'all take care and remember "Stock up, Stay at home and stay safe".
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Re: Heading back...

Post by Pinky »

Hi there,
Safe travels.
As I've said numerous times 'the world is a mess' without a light at the end of the tunnel.
But as an optimist I hope things improve for one and all.
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