Happy Bunch :)

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Happy Bunch :)

Post by BobH »

Here's a great photo from John Lyall.

..but, can you name them all? Who, where, when?
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Re: Happy Bunch :)

Post by JOHN LYALL »

Steve (Jumbo) Laurie,Ali Barber,Chris Roach,
There are some characters in this photo! Real stand up guys! Fond memories.
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Re: Happy Bunch :)

Post by Pinky »

Dave Leslie, Mac McNally, Roy Tyson, Ken Davies and John Gannon.
That's all the guys I know.
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Re: Happy Bunch :)

Post by Steve Wheeler 406 »

I have a feeling this was Castle Martin on Gunnery Camp maybe 1977/78?

Phil Holmes, Larry Tickle, Ian Flannery, Pop Gannon, John Brown (I think), Dave Leslie, John Lyle, Billy Worfolk, Andy Tobin, Ken Davies, Paddy O meara (I Think), Manny Webster, Roy Tyson, Mac McNally, Roachey, Phil Barber, Jumbo, Al Bryson, Ginge barker, tracker Walsh.

Think thats right hope it helps.

Great photo.

Take care all

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