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70th Anniversary of the Battle of Medicina - Medicina 16th April 2015

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Medicina is a small medieval town close to Bologna which, for our Regiment, took on enormous stature following the short, fierce battle that took place there on 16th April 1945. As part of 43rd Gurkha Brigade our Regiment, fighting alongside 2/6 Gurkha Rifles, stormed the town and defeated elements of the German infantry - with the tanks of the 14th/20th King's Hussars (with 75mm guns) and the kukris & bayonets of the Gurkhas the battle was won, despite encountering German self-propelled guns, anti-tank weapons, and even at least one Tiger tank.

The battle honour was awarded to the only two regiments that had a presence in the town - 14th/20th King's Hussars and 6th Gurkha Rifles. The battle resulted in the two Regiments forming an affiliation that still exists today.

014 (30K)
The Plate Presented to Noah's Arc in 2012
016 (30K)

Medicina 2015

On 16th April 2015 forty members of Noah's ARC joined up with members of The Regiment, the Regimental Association and a 6GR contingent in celebrating with the Mayor and people of Medicina the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Medicina in 1945, a battle honour celebrated within the Regiment still.

Please enjoy this pictorial record of our visit


014 (30K)
016 (30K)

014 (30K)

016 (30K)

014 (30K)

016 (30K)

014 (30K)
L to R. Top: Dave Hinchcliffe, Brian Draper, Bob Winch.
Middle: Brian Stuffins, Reg Furlong, Les Brierley, Bob Butler, Tony Wagstaffe with Paul Wigmore behind him.
Bottom: John Clements, Pete Stuffins, Don Bateman, Mr Max Simon, Derek Walton, Mick Michael Mcgowan, Harry Bennett, John Molloy, Derek Pomfret, Bob Harrison

016 (30K)
Our Ladies

014 (30K)
Tpr Victor Banks from Glamorgan.
Died 17 April 1945

Son of William Thomas Banks and Blanche Banks
Husband of Evelyn May Banks of Droxford, Hampshire.
Grave VII. G. 7

016 (30K)
WO2 Albert Long from Birmingham
Died 16th April 1945

Son of John and Harriet Long of Small Heath.

Grave VII. G. 6
016 (30K)
Cpl William J Shepstone, Nottinghamshire.
Died 16 April 1945

Son of Percy and Mabel Shepstone.
Husband of Edna Shepstone of Breaston, Derbyshire
Grave VII. G. 5
014 (30K)
Tpr James Burt from Glasgow.
Died 17 April 1945

Aged 22

Grave VII. G. 4

016 (30K)
Tpr John Murray from Glasgow
Died 16th April 1945

Son of Charles and Margaret Murray
of Springburn, Glasgow
Grave V. F. 8
016 (30K)
Tpr Charles W Nixon from London
Died 16th April 1945

Son of Richard and Caroline Nixon
Husband of Annie Nixon, Small Heath.
Grave VI. G. 3
014 (30K)
Tpr Horace E Smith from Doncaster
Died 17th April 1945

Son of Samuel and Ellen Maud Smith
of Edlington, Yorkshire

Grave VI. G. 3
016 (30K)
Lt Alastair Somerled Richard MacDougall
(6GR) Died 17th April 1945

Son of Major-General Alastair Ian MacDougall, C.B.E., D.S.O., M.C.
and Constance St. Barbe MacDougall
of Lochgoilhead, Argyllshire
Grave VII. D. 15
016 (30K)
A British Soldier
of the 1939-1945 War

Known Only To God


Bob Winch and Samantha made the trip to medicina by car.
On their return trip they were able to visit the War Cemetery of Staglieno
where three other 1420H soldiers are laid to rest.

014 (30K)
016 (30K)

014 (30K)
Tpr Alan Hampson from Hull.
Died 14 September 1945

Son of Ernest and Lily Hampson of Hull
Nephew of Mr EA Mills of Hull.

Grave III. C. 12

016 (30K)
Sgt Frank Annal
Died 22nd November 1945

Son of Thomas William and Annie Louise Annal; husband of Lily Eileen Annal,
of Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex
Grave III. A. 27
016 (30K)
Sgt Robert K Eston of Belfast.
Died 23 November 1945

Son of Robert James Eston and Florence Eston.
Husband of Doris Eston of Pelaw,
Gateshead, Co Durham.
Grave III. A. 28


Complete with Wiggy :)

Medicina 2015 - 1
Our Veterans

Medicina 2015 - 2
The March

Medicina 2015 - 3
Noah's Arc Contingent

Medicina 2015 - 4
Garibaldi Square (Piazza Garibaldi)

Medicina 2015 - 5
The 6GR Contingent

Medicina 2015 - 6
Our Flag

Medicina 2015 - 10
The Town

Medicina 2015 - 11
Eyes Right

Medicina 2015 - 12
Mayor Onelio Rambaldi

Medicina 2015 - 13
The New Plaque

Medicina 2015 - 7
The Children

Medicina 2015 - 8
Presentation of flowers

Medicina 2015 - 9

Medicina 2015 - 9
The unforgettable - Commandante Danielle Brighi

(Photos added with Ackowledgment to the Official Medicina Website)


Medicina 2015 - Hotel Centrale Byron
Hotel Centrale Byron

Medicina 2015 - Hotel Bisanzio
Hotel Bisanzio

Medicina 2015 - Hotel Marchesini
Marchesini restaurant

Medicina 2015 - La Reunion
"The Reception"

Medicina 2015 - Hotel Marchesini
La reunion

Medicina 2015 - La Reunion
"Happy to be here"

016 (30K)
Ravenna 5 - Mick & Viv McGowan

016 (30K)
Even waiting for the bus can be fun :)

016 (30K)
Ravenna 1 - Piazza del Popolo

016 (30K)
Ravenna 2 - The Basilica, 5th/6th Century

016 (30K)
Ravenna 3 - Battistero Neoniano

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