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The Newsletter of the 14th/20th king's Hussars. April 2021



Brigadier J R Smales
Honorary President

Every regiment in the Army has its Old Comrades organization but I do not know of any which are as successful and well-supported as Noah’s Arc. It is a special bond of comradeship that we old Hawks have and is worth maintaining. I am proud to be your President.

That said, thanks to Covid, last year and this year have been difficult. Reunions being cancelled and meetings being impossible have made things hard for all of us, and special thanks must go to our Committee , who have kept things together so well in this exceptionally testing time.

Next year is the one hundredth anniversary of the amalgamation of the 14th and the 20th Hussars. We can hope and expect that we shall be able to get together again in Blackpool, and I think we can celebrate this anniversary and make the reunion a special one. I urge you all to support it, and to encourage all old Hawks to come along. In Noah’s Arc we are part of something exceptional and it is a pleasure to belong.

I am sad not to have been able to see you all for so long, but Anne and I send you all our very best wishes and look forward to seeing you in 2022.

Dear Noah’s ARC members,
As it has now been 12 months since the current committee were elected and it has been sometime since we were last able to have any form of get together, we have decided to put out an edition of the Shy Talk newsletter to keep you informed on what has been happening over the year.
Unfortunately, due to the pandemic the 2020 and 2021 reunions had to be cancelled and by now everybody that booked the Imperial hotel should have been informed direct.

Reunion 2022

The Committee have provisionally booked the Imperial again for our reunion in 2022 I know a few of you think it is time for a change but the reason we have stuck with the Hotel is that as yet we don’t know what will happen with Covid and wanted to ensure that we did have a venue for the reunion, This is the biggest of the hotels in Blackpool and with 2022 being the first in a few years and the fact it is 100 years since the regiment was born I am hoping for a great turnout and to fill the hotel with Hawks and their families. We will also be negotiating a good rate to incl free carparking and a discounted bar along with a few other cheeky deals.
Having spoken with Claire who is our new contact following previous retirements she is eager to please and was made aware of the issues raised following the last reunion we were able to hold, and of our concerns.
This being a special reunion should anybody have any ideas on what they would like to see during the weekend then please feel free to contact either myself or Darryl Cartwright and we can discuss ideas. I for one would like to see the gala dinner as a Black-tie event (if mine still fits) so thoughts please.
As soon as contracts are signed, we will inform you of booking details and would encourage you to book with the Imperial to ensure we do not share with third parties.
NB Since writing this newsletter we have had contracts for signing. After a few amendments they will be signed and we will give the nod on booking.

Manchester Reunion 2021.

The date for this year’s Manchester Bash is 21st August and as usual will held at The Moon Under the Water on Deansgate Manchester. Organised by Steve Hunt there is no need to book, just turn up from 14:00hrs for a few beers mid shopping or stay all night for a session. A few people have already booked hotels for the Fri/Sat to make a weekend of it and I am sure John Ashton will be there camera in hand. Wives and Girlfriends as always very welcome. If you have not been before then come along to what is a cracking day of beer and sandbags.

Volunteer required.

Since Mac McGuinness stood down as our shopkeeper I as a temporary measure have been running the online shop but now as I am back at work following furlough, I cannot give it the time I wish to. To that end I am looking for a volunteer to run the shop, to include updating and listing products on the site, taking and processing orders, pushing the shop, posting out orders and liaising with members who use our platform. Would suit someone with a little time on their hands, basic computer knowledge and a little corner for the stock we hold. If anybody is interested, please send me your details @

The shop can be found at


Due to the cancellation of the reunions I decided to run online auctions to raise a few quid for the Arc, firstly thank you to all who have participated and to those who have donated. I do still have many items which I was keeping for the auction at Blackpool but due to it being a year away I may well put up some more items online as they are extremely popular. If you have donated but not yet seen your item they are still here and will be available very soon, again should anybody wish to donate to the auction all items are very welcome and will be kept within our family. See below for money raised so far.

Statement of account. As of 31/03/21

The Newsletter of the 14th/20th king's Hussars. April 2021

In Memoriam

We Offer our thoughts to members and past serving members of 14/20 h who have sadly passed those that have been in the last 12 months are:
WO2 Bob Wrenshaw,
WO2 Bob Winch,
Cpl Alan Sherwood,
Cpl Dennis Barber,
L/Cpl Anthony Pitt,
L/Cpl Paul Jones,
L/Cpl Terry Foster,
WO2 Alan Wainwright,
Tpr Sean Bradley,
Tpr Richard Goodenough,
Tpr Alan Butterworth,
WO1 Walter Taylor,
S/Sgt Tony Smith,
Cpl Peter Bowman,
L/Cpl Bill O’Driscoll,
Sgt Rick Ford,
Major Anthony Valdes-Scott,
L/Cpl Robert Suttie
Tpr Nigel Corbould,
L/Cpl Paul Edwards,
Tpr Colin Constantine.

Due to cancellation of the reunion we will be unable to toast absent friends together so at 20:00hrs on 24 April when we would have toasted can I ask you all to raise a glass “TO ABSENT FRIENDS”

The Coming Year

Unsure as to what this year will hold for any of us regarding the Pandemic, we have been unable to organise any events which was the intention of the committee, but we are hoping 2022 will provide much more freedom. We will continue to work hard to ensure that the reunion is a great success.

Thanks to

Finally, I wish to thank both Bob Harrison and Frank Smith for their work and dedication in keeping the websites and social media pages going and never forgetting a birthday.

Chairman Noah’s Arc

The Newsletter of the 14th/20th king's Hussars. April 2021

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