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What Noah's ARC did for Ramnuggar

The battle of Ramnuggar

Late in 1999, Mr Martin Rimmer, who was working in Pakistan with the UK Aid Programme, wrote to me about the deteriorating condition of the graves at Ramnuggar. In his 'spare' time Martin did work for the British Association for Cemeteries in South Asia (BACSA) and he reported that some of the graves were almost completely destroyed and that others would probably not survive another rainy season!

In order to address this, we at Noah's ARC, initiated a Ramnuggar Appeal Fund and received an overwhelming response from our Members. With additional funds provided by the Regiment (KRH), the Regimental Association (KRH) and BACSA sufficient money was raised to carry out a restoration of the graves and the site.

We are indebted to Martin for continuing to devote his time to this project and are delighted to report unqualified success that will ensure the preservation of the site for another 250 years.


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