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Patrick O'Dwyer specialises in researching the history of the Regiment, particularly the 14th Hussars but also the 20th Hussars and the 14th/20th King's Hussars.

He is keen to hear from former soldiers or their families and to locate source material, including copies of photos or any soldiers' tales passed on through families and friends or the press.

Any information, biographical or otherwise, no matter how small will be welcome.

If you know of any descendants of soldiers who served in the Great War then please get in touch.

Message from Patrick:

"Many thanks. I should perhaps advise people that my speciality really is the period 1899-1922 and am now trying to build up my data on the Second World War. I will help with any period if I can but after 1945 I only have some old journals to work with at present. As I say though I'll give anything a go but not beyond 1992, and the last amalgamation. I'll leave that to someone else. Thanks again. I'm very grateful for your support and help.


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