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Intellectual Ownership

The term "Noah's Arc" was proposed to, and accepted by, the elected committee of the club known as Noah's Arc in around 1996/7. It is an acronym for

National Old & Ancient Hawk's Annual Reunion Club.

"Noah's Arc" is a Registered Trade Mark (UK00003457043), preventing the use of the term on Ebay, Amazon and all other trade outlets. Please report any violations you see.

This Noah's Arc Online Shop is managed on behalf of the 'members' of Noah's Arc. If you ever served in or with our Regiment then you are free to call yourself a member, as are family members, friends and other interested people.

On our website you will find details of our Annual Reunion, and you could join the Facebook private Group registered as Noah's Arc: The Home of the 14th/20th King's Hussars (admins: Andy Prunty, Les Critchlow and Robert Harrison) and the Noah's Arc Forum at https://www.1420th.org.uk/forum/ (admins: Andy Prunty and Robert Harrison (BobH).

The Domains "noahs-arc.org.uk" and "1420th.org.uk" are Registered to Robert Harrison.

Shop Manager: Les Critchlow

Chairman: Andy Prunty

Webmaster: Bob Harrison

Note: £408.85 handed over from the online shop to the Noah's Arc account on 29th June 2020

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