The Regimental Association are pleased to announce the commencement of planning for
The 80th Anniversary of the Battle of MEDICINA, 2025

No details are available yet on accommodation or travel plans (or their costs), but you are welcome at this early stage to Record Your Interest which will enable us to make arrangements based upon an accurate number.

This is not a guarantee that you will be included in the travelling party(ies) until you receive confirmation. There is no obligation, you can cancel your "Interest" at any time - just email

If you do not need flights you should still Register to be included for Transport, Hotel(s) and the Receptions at Ravenna and Medicina.

Please record your details below and we'll keep in touch.

* If a couple, enter both names. With a likely premium on Single Occupancy rooms you are asked to consider partnering in a Twin room (Enter both names). For Single occupancy leave Name 2 empty.

* We won't know until later in the year which airports will suit our purpose best. For now, please select appropriate option.